Create a realistic cloudy morning landscape scenery in photoshop

In this tutorial I will create a landscape scenery of cloudy morning with a lots of clouds and sun and a grassland. You can recreate this in not more than 10 minutes.

  1. Create a new file of size 1024X768 px in photoshop. Color it with a light bluish violet color for sky.
  2. Create new layer by pressing Shift+Ctrl+N. Go to brushes and select a soft round brush. Select a green color like #005500 or #006000 and paint a grass area with it.
  3. Select sky layer. Go to filter> Render>lens flare. Select 105 mm and brightness between 70-80 %. Change position of flare to approximately above your land. Click ok.
  4. Select grass layer. Go to brushes panel in toolbar at right corner. Scroll down and select dune grass brush. Set master diameter to 25. Select foreground and background color as darker green than the initial green color. Make sure background green is darker than foreground green. Start painting with the brush the entire green grass area.
  5. Now go to filter>render>lighting effects. Select Flashlight style with directional light type. Change the position of light as shown.
  6. You will create something like this.
  7. To create clouds select your sky layer. Set pale white as foreground color and dark gray as background color. Go to Filter>Render>Clouds. Press Ctrl+F to change pattern of clouds.
  8. To create light clouds, change Layer from normal to soft light. To create dark clouds like as illustrated select vivid light or you can use hard light as well.

Soft light

Hard Light

Vivid Light

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