Matrix Multiplication web application in php

This time I come up with a matrix multiplication web application made entirely with php and mark-up with html. This is completely free for use. This application is capable of solving very large matrix multiplication problems. The speed with which it forms the matrix and their solution and renders them is discretely dependent on the speed of your internet connection and ability of your browser to read and render html data. This means that a large matrix, such as 1000 X 1000, take some time to render at slow connection whereas it renders quickly at fast connection.

User for this application can try with some small matrices like 3 X 3 and go somewhere to 500 X 500 or more if they are really up for checking it (beware of your slow connection). Entering data in large matrix is a tedious work, so if someone wants to solve some really big matrix I would recommend use of external files to enter data like from a text file or a database.

I used form processing (POST) method and session variables for passing data among pages and computation of solution. If you want this application with some modification, feel free to ask me.

You can check this application here.

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