Top 5 Free Apps For Android & iPhone

Discovering new apps for smartphones has always been problematic, since the only way to tell if an application fits your needs is to download it and test drive it. Most people want to avoid this step all together, since there are literally thousands of junk apps on the app market for every one that is decent. Most avid smartphone users tend to play it by ear and install apps that are popular or have received a lot of press from the media, family, and friends. No matter whether you’re an Android lover or an iOS loyalist, check out these top five apps available on both app stores!

1. Google Voice

Google Voice is a replacement for your voicemail that has several nifty features, but the most important one is voicemail transcription. If you’ve ever been in a crowded place and tried to listen to voicemail, it can be a nightmare. Google Voice eliminates this by transcribing your voicemail fairly accurately and sending you an email as well as keeping a copy within the service that you can scroll through and read effortlessly. It’s a time saver and definitely an app any heavy voicemail user should have on their phone.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud service that lets you automatically sync documents on your home computer to any device the mobile app is installed to. This lets you have instant access to specific folders you designate, no matter where you are away from home. This app is a must for the forgetful person leaving important documents behind.

3. Amazon Kindle

While the Amazon Kindle is an amazing device, the neat thing about the service is they make software available on all platforms so you can take your books with you, even if you don’t own a Kindle. For smartphone users who love to read in their spare time, having this app installed makes it easy to carry all of their literary favorites and access them at the touch of a button, or download new books with just a few taps.

4. Seesmic

For frequent Twitter users, there is no better application than Seesmic. It instantly alerts you of new @mentions through push technology, and the interface is clean and minimal so you can keep track of what’s important to you, instead of worrying whether you are seeing the whole conversation. Seesmic also makes it easy to keep track of those friends you keep in lists, so you can keep from cluttering your main feed but still keep tabs on those people you wish to follow.

5. Pandora Radio

Pandora is a radio service that took the Internet by storm when it released because it is able to analyze song selection judged on your likes and dislikes and accurately choose songs that match the genre and style of music to which you are listening. The best part is the service is completely free if you don’t mind listening to a radio-style ad here and there, or you can pay a small monthly subscription fee and have hours of ad-free music. The service lets you create multiple channels as well, so if you’re not in the mood for classical music except for when you run, then you can tune in to that station then and only then.

This is just a small collection of the apps that are available for both iPhone and Android phones. Since the service is nearly seamless across either OS, feel free to recommend them to friends who use a different smartphone OS so you can both enjoy the services they offer.

Britney Baker is a freelance writer who normally reviews prepaid wireless phones at Her latest review looked at the Go Phone.

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