Create rounded corners of images in Photoshop

Let’s take a look on how to create rounded corners of images in Photoshop in these simple steps. It is always a hassle to make rounded corners of images and I always struggle to remember it. Here are the steps to achieve fast rounded images.

create fast rounded image in photosho

Lets start with a sample image. Open it up in Photoshop.

Create rounded corners of images in photoshop

Click on Rectangle tool and select Rounded Rectangle tool from it.

make rounded corners

Set the radius for your Rectangle. In the example I am using 30px.

photoshop rounded image

Now make a selection of the image by dragging your mouse over the image. The box will be filled up with a color. It doesn’t matter which color it is. Now make sure your Shape layer is selected and reduce its Fill from 100% to 0%.

fast rounded corners

Now click on the Paths tab and right-click on Shape 1 Vector mask. Select Make Selection from the menu.

photoshop rounded corners

Make Selection dialog box will open up. Click Ok. A selection path will be made.

fast rounded corners

Click back to Layers tab and select the Background layer. Go to Edit and click Copy.

make corners

Now go to File and create a new document. Go to Edit and click Paste.

photoshop rounded

Your image is ready with rounded corners with few simple steps with Photoshop.

photoshop rounded corners

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