Improve Organic SERP ranking with Google Plus One

Google Plus One Service and how it improve website rankings

buy plus oneThe Google plus one is not just a button, its the new way of social recommendation. Every click on this button may increase the position of your website in natural and organic search results (SERPs) which directly means more traffic and sales. Most of the website publishers are aware of the SEO strategies and other link building work to enhance page ranking and bring it to the top of results. According to the recent trend, many businesses and website owners buy google plus one service in order to take the advantage of this strong social recommendation tool. This is one of the finest services provided by Google on social media front.

Google Plus One and Facebook Like

Everyone talked that how social media promotion and engagement with Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc. impact the websites popularity and ranking. But there were no data that shows how much a site is getting advantage from social streams. When Google Plus One initially arrived most of the social media experts were of the opinion that this can’t compete against Facebook like. But in a matter of few month time it was realized that plus one is going to be the future of social recommendation. Although it hasn’t surpassed FB like but it is sure to do that as more and more publishers become aware of the power of Google Plus One.

Understanding the Google Plus One Votes

Since Google admitted that it may use Google Plus Ones as a factor in its ranking algorithm, it become even more essential to implement it. With every organic search result Google displays a plus one button. User can directly recommend the sites from search results based on some query to its friends circle. What that mean? Yes, this by far now become the most direct way of not only recommending websites but publishers can also monitor the effects of these plus ones in their site rankings.

How? A publisher needs to signup for the Google Webmaster Tool and from there they can closely monitor for which search queries their site ranking were jumped up based on the Google Plus one counts. Simple as it is, its direct effect in SEO and SERP can be seen which is lacking for FB likes or Tweets.

Where to get Google Plus One

A lot of sites are slicing a little (very little, I mean) part from their link building and SEO budget and invest it to buy plus one for their sites. This can give them a nice boost in ranking and provide an extra layer of social recommendation which is future-proof. But as with all link building processes, it can take up a few weeks time until Google start to take them into consideration.

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